Thursday, September 6, 2012

Item of the Day: Gemstone Bracelet

Here is a beautiful item, a leopard jasper bracelet with red, yellow, gray and black stone beads with sterling silver. This bracelet uses stretch cord so there is no need for a clasp.

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Earring Find of the Day

Earrings add a dab of style and color to any wardrobe. While looking over many handcrafted products these caught my eye and earn "Earring Find of the Day."

What is so fascinating here? Is it the wonderful green color that pulls one in? Or is it the mysterious silver orbs? Perhaps the round and square shapes sharing a cozy space together?

Click here to see details on these and other amazing designs by a wonderful jewelry artist.

Purple and Silver and Ancient Style

In the past several hundred years we've come a long way as a species. But there are some things we did centuries ago that still fascinate. Some brilliant person created a way to weave small metal rings in to gorgeous repeating patterns and today we still love these creations.

This weave, known as Byzantine, utilizes bold purple rings to show off the design and its mesmerizing pattern. While creating this bracelet I found myself transported back to another time and pondering the vision of our ancient ancestors.

Click here for more details and to see my listing on Etsy.

Here's a New Old Idea that's Fun

Do you remember the old days when "mood rings" were popular?

These fun items changed color to supposedly reflect the moods of the wearer. They were quite popular for a while and then disappeared. But now a descendant of the old mood rings is back! And the new concept is better, too.

This bracelet uses a central bead and two oval beads that change color when worn. They can be many different colors. When I photographed these items I made sure to make them show several color schemes, but they quickly reverted to the base colors in the few seconds it took to snap the photo. They really are amazing and they are lots of fun!

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