Wednesday, October 12, 2011

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Friday, September 23, 2011

Warm Earth Tones in a Chainmail Celtic Star Pendant

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Some people think chainmail (or chain maille, or chain mail, etc.) jewelry must be heavy. But this warm color Celtic star pendant is made of lightweight anodized aluminum rings. Each of the rings was opened with two pair of pliars, placed in the pattern, and then carefully closed again.

The colors are perfect for fall. The pendant measures about 1.25 inches across (3 cm). I put the pendant on a cable necklace which uses a small magnetic clasp. This makes the necklace easy to get on or take off. The pendant is bright and shiny and can be easily removed from the cable choker for use with another necklace.

This is one of many chain mail pendants I have listed on ArtFire. They are available in many colors, including hot pink!

Dichroic Glass in Jewelry and Pendants

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Dichroic glass is amazing and beautiful! There are reports that it was a creation of NASA and there are also indications that those stories are not true. Whatever the inspiration for this marvelous material, it is incredible. Pendants made from dichroic glass seem to shimmer as if metallic and lit from the inside. They sparkle and change with every little movement and are thus most difficult portray in a photograph.

This particular pink, blue and teal necklace is about 18 inches long and its pendant uses sterling silver for the bail. The clasp is also sterling silver.

This is one of several pendant necklaces I have listed on ArtFire. They are in many colors.

Friday, September 16, 2011

Time to Plan for a Halloween Shirt is Now!

Click here for all sorts of designs on many types of shirts with purchasing info!

What artistic image makes the best halloween shirt? It depends on your perspective. Some folks love scary ghosts or menacing black cats; for others it has to be halloween witches or bats! We have created many colorful halloween designs for tee-shirts. Some designs feature happy brightly colored witches which many people love. Check out the bat designs and traditional pumpkins with a twist of humor.

Halloween is a favorite holiday for many people and it has very old traditions. I think we just love to dress up! And many women love to keep a "witch" shirt in the closet to wear when needed! Do you have your witch shirt ready to go??

Click on the link in the top paragraph to see more designs, more shirt styles and color choices.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Olive Green Ocean Waves Pendant with Necklace

Peaceful and soothing olive green pendant necklace, click here for more images and sale info.

Harmony, healing,and peace -- those are all represented by the olive green color -- seem to be created around the lovely ocean waves depicted in this one-of-a-kind glass pendant crafted right in Florida! When I first saw this pendant the power of its waves, and yet the peacefulness associated with waves, begged to be made in to a matching beautiful olive green necklace.

Tiny bits of silver within the glass pendant are reminiscent of bubbles found in swirling waters. This pendant/necklace combination is perfect for one who loves the ocean, beach, or as a reminder of vacations and walks on the shore.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Open Spiral Pendant with Shiny Black Beads

This swirling spiral pendant and shiny black beaded necklace evokes mystery -- click here for more images and details.

in creating this necklace I wanted to keep the aura of mystery that the swirl embodies. I found that two series of round black beads in graduated sizes, on either side of the pendant, worked perfectly to add to the mystery of this captivating pendant. The pendant itself includes a silver-plated glide-type bail so the swirl is free to travel left and right on the necklace.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Crystal Pendant Necklace, Magenta, Amethyst, and More

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Swarovski crystal makers call the color of this crystal pendant "volcano." The facets on the crystal reflect many shades of magenta, pink, amethyst, purples and reds. The crystal pendant is the focal point of a beaded necklace with small beads of red, amethyst and golden yellow. There is a festive feeling generated with this beautiful necklace and pendant. Right now it is on sale -- throughout July -- and there is free priority mail shipping included in the price (if shipped to a US address). You know who love all the purplish colors! You could grab this for them and save some $$.

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Emerald Green Crystal Pendant, Just So Elegant

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Sometimes I wonder what it is that makes emerald green such an elegant color. This emerald green Swarovski crystal pendant is no exception. The crystal pendant is a rivoli, that is a crystal with a raised center to capture reflections from many facets.

This crystal sparkles and looks like a gem! I loved the lush reflections from this crystal and created a necklace for it with small crystal bicones, green beads, and more. The result is a pendant necklace with a lush and elegant look. You know who would love this!

New Crystal Jewelry in Red!

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We all know someone lighthearted who loves pinks and reds! This is the perfect crystal pendant necklace for such a woman! The Swarovski crystal star is a delicious red called "red magma" and it reflects many shades of red and pink. The necklace uses red, pink and golden beads to complement the large crystal. The crystal is not quite bold and certainly not tiny -- it seems just the right size to make a statement about its wearer.

Aquamarine Crystal Pendant Necklace

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This lovely aquamarine crystal pendant necklace started out with a different plan. I was designing it for a special person and thought it was perfect for her. But she had a few changes and suggestions and so I adjusted. The result was much nicer than the original plan! The crystal pendant is called a rivoli -- the center of the crystal is raised so the many facets reflect changing shades of blue.

This crystal pendant necklace looks spectacular when worn by someone with blue eyes!

During July you can purchase this with a 20% discount and also free priority mail shipping to a US address. This special sale is called "Christmas in July" and it is a good time to find and save gifts for your special people.

Just Listed, New Crystal Jewelry

Just listed, crystal star and tiger eye beads -- click here for more info

This necklace is a beauty! The Swarovski crystal color is called golden shadow and it is a pale beige. The beads in the necklace are tiger eye mixed with small light brown and yellow seed beads. You can purchase this for 20% off during July and priority mail shipping to a US address is included in the price. What a deal!

This particular crystal pendant and necklace were inspired by a close friend. She makes me think of shades of brown and tan and her personality reflects the warmness of those colors. I did make the prototype of this necklace as a gift for her and have since refined the design a bit more.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Grab a Mug Today, Save $6

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Grab a mug today, any style, any design, or make your own. Use the code ZBDAYALLMUGS and get $6 off! Must be done before midnight today, July 14.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Light blue beads with a sterling silver heart

Dainty heart pendant turquoise chips, light blue seed bead necklace

Turquoise chips embedded in this sterling silver heart are perfect with the beads in this necklace. I made this necklace thinking of someone with a lighthearted personality. You can get this now for a 20% discount -- only in July -- only at this link.

Gorgeous skull with black beaded necklace

This skull is incredibly nice with smooth lead-free pewter. I created a necklace to go with it using black beads a few antique silver accents. There is someone just waiting for this!
For more details click here.

Beautifully sculpted  pewter skull pendant with black beaded necklace

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Hot Deal on Cards -- Must Grab It Today

Here's a super deal but it is only good until July 12, 2011 at 11:59 pm. These are cards I have created and they feature sunsets, beaches, boats, lighthouses, and other nautical topics.

Use the code ZBDAYGRTCARD at checkout and select any greeting cards and enjoy 60% off. You can personalize these cards for birthdays or whatever, or keep them blank for notecards. You can also create your own cards. But hurry, this great deal ends tonight!

Here's my blank cards

Here's the details

Monday, July 11, 2011

Big Sale in July with this Code

Save 20% on any of my jewelry creations listed on Artfire by using the code JULYCHRISTMAS at time of checkout. The sale is only good during July and also includes free Priority Mail shipping to USA addresses.

My Studio on Artfire

Monday, July 4, 2011

Green and Gold Chainmail Pendant Necklace

This lightweight pendant necklace is sure to start conversations. I love the green and gold colors in this pendant and am fascinated by the interesting shapes created just with rings. It is constructed of individual rings gently opened and closed to weave this beautiful Celtic star design. The pendant resides on s cable necklace with a magnetic clasp.

Click for more info

Purchase it in July and take advantage of free priority mail shipping and a coupon.

Christmas in July??

Ever wonder what it would be like to get some holiday shopping done early? Now you can participate in a Christmas in July sale on any of my jewelry creations. Enjoy free priority mail shipping in the USA and a coupon discount code.

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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Celtic Inspired Green Double Strand Necklace with Crystals

Here's a nice necklace to celebrate St Patrick's Day! 

The dark green beads are arranged in two asymmetrical strands. Emerald color crystals, jasper stones as well as gold color diamond-shaped Celtic knot beads are mixed with the green necklace beads. For a closer look click here.

This necklace was inspired by the Celtic knot beads. I loved that they were diamond shaped and thus a nice interruption of green beads. The gemstones reminded me of the earthiness we associate with old world ancestors while the crystals added a sense of mystery and spirituality. And I just could not assemble these crystals, gemstones and Celtic knots in a perfectly orderly and symmetical way. They screamed out for and got an unconventional treatment.

I have several Celtic-inspired necklaces on display and for sale on ArtFire. For double-strand necklaces click here.  For unusual pendant trapezoid necklaces check this one out.

Celtic Kickoff

I'm kicking off my blog with talking about products I have designed for St Patrick's Day. Quick fitting for one whose ancestors crossed the sea from Ireland and settled on the east coast of the USA!

St Patrick's Day t-shirts are popular items and my parents and grandparents had sayings which inspired these shirt designs.  They are bold, colorful and avoid negative stereotypes of the Irish which drive me crazy!

My favorite design is Blarney Is My Middle Name. And I created many different items, like magnets, shirts, journals and mugs with the design. There is something bold and wonderful in a person who can claim "Blarney" as a middle name. As an aside, my folks did come from a place near Blarney in Ireland and my parents visited Ireland and actually kissed the Blarney Stone. So I guess I'm full of blarney!