Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Celtic Inspired Green Double Strand Necklace with Crystals

Here's a nice necklace to celebrate St Patrick's Day! 

The dark green beads are arranged in two asymmetrical strands. Emerald color crystals, jasper stones as well as gold color diamond-shaped Celtic knot beads are mixed with the green necklace beads. For a closer look click here.

This necklace was inspired by the Celtic knot beads. I loved that they were diamond shaped and thus a nice interruption of green beads. The gemstones reminded me of the earthiness we associate with old world ancestors while the crystals added a sense of mystery and spirituality. And I just could not assemble these crystals, gemstones and Celtic knots in a perfectly orderly and symmetical way. They screamed out for and got an unconventional treatment.

I have several Celtic-inspired necklaces on display and for sale on ArtFire. For double-strand necklaces click here.  For unusual pendant trapezoid necklaces check this one out.

Celtic Kickoff

I'm kicking off my blog with talking about products I have designed for St Patrick's Day. Quick fitting for one whose ancestors crossed the sea from Ireland and settled on the east coast of the USA!

St Patrick's Day t-shirts are popular items and my parents and grandparents had sayings which inspired these shirt designs.  They are bold, colorful and avoid negative stereotypes of the Irish which drive me crazy!

My favorite design is Blarney Is My Middle Name. And I created many different items, like magnets, shirts, journals and mugs with the design. There is something bold and wonderful in a person who can claim "Blarney" as a middle name. As an aside, my folks did come from a place near Blarney in Ireland and my parents visited Ireland and actually kissed the Blarney Stone. So I guess I'm full of blarney!