Friday, November 29, 2013

Dichroic Glass Is Incredible!

Dichroic Glass Is Incredible!

With a name like "dichroic" this material sounds a bit frightening, but it is really beautiful! Made of fused bits of glass, dichroic glass jewelry is incredibly shiny and sparkles with metallic shimmering. It is an attention-getter. Photographs cannot really capture the sparkle. I have several dichroic glass pendants for sale in my shop, this one shows an interesting multi-color pink one.

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Need a Dangle Charm?

What's a Dangle Charm?

Need to add a big of spark or school colors to your backpack or purse? For this reason the dangle charm was born. These are about 1 to 1.5 inches across and have a small swivel clasp incorporated in to the design. There are many color combinations available. 

We know of some of these that dangle from belt loops, but most ride around on gym bags, backpacks, computer cases and zippers. 

Special Sale on Zibbet

Zibbet CommUNITY Sale

Many shops on Zibbet -- a great place for handmade, vintage, and craft suppliers -- will be participating in a sales event Nov 29 to Dec 2. Some have already begun their sales. Click on the ad in the right column to see participants.  Is my shop and the rainbow items shown here are all on sale. The charm portion is handmade chainmaille which can be finished with a swivel for hanging on a backpack or purse, or it can be attached to a keyring, or it can be a pendant on a cord necklace. We can also upgrade the cord to leather with a sterling silver clasp if you wish.

Check out my shop, the sale has just begun! All prices have been reduced 20%. You won't see that again.

Saturday, November 23, 2013

What Is It that Drives Us?

What Is It that Drives Us?

I've been pondering what might be the hidden force that makes us do what we do. I'm not thinking of the ordinary daily chores, but the incredible, sustained effort some of us unearth to undertake massive tasks. And not necessarily lucrative tasks, at that.
 Upgrade to Cord Necklaces in My Shop

I started thinking about this because many of my friends in the world of online selling are experiencing the busiest time of year. Most create what they sell and others sell what those creating may need. They are all trying to stock their online storefronts, an annual cycle known to all entrepreneurs.

But this season is different. You might say our online landlord has caused some of us look for greener pastures. This means my driven friends, and count me too,  are now undertaking hundreds of hours of extra work to "move" all their many items. I know moving a brick and mortar shop could not be so demanding. Every title and description and item tags which you may not even notice must be edited, one by one, item by item.

What drives us to accomplish these things? Perhaps it is a search for perfection, a dream of sales, a chance to excel. I've been thinking about all these things because today I finally completed moving my online shop and all 282 different items! To celebrate the sale scheduled for Thursday to Dec. 2 is starting today in my shop right now. Ahem, see the discounts.

Many items I sell are pendants which come with cord necklaces. You can now upgrade the basic cords to gorgeous round leather cords in your choice of four colors and with a sterling silver clasp. Make your choice a customized one!!

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Small Business Saturday,
Black Friday,
Cyber Monday, 

What do they have in Common?

These are days with lots of buying and selling going on! And the online world is just as important a player as the local shops.

Many shops on Zibbet are participating in a special event called a CommUNITY Sale, November 29 to December 2. Each shop has its own specials and they are all posted in one spot so you can easily find the items you might like, see the discounts and possible discount codes, and click to go right to those shops.

Click on the CommUNITY Sale button on the right to see the list of shops involved in this event. The list is expanding every day, probably right up to the sale date.

My shop is participating, hope to see you there!

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

My New Shop Is:

There is a lot new! In fact I recently removed thousands of hours of work represented in over 300 items listed on Etsy. Why? Like most things, there is no simple reason. Many factors were involved. But Zibbet is a somewhat newer company and I just like the vibe there. How's that for scientific?!!

I have a few new items and most of the old ones now listed on Zibbet, thanks to many marathons of brainless editing, copying, pasting, and rewording. Now I can finally get back to more creative things.  Here are a couple of new designs:

These pendants vary in color only. They are all the same size in the real world, about inch in inside diameter for the large rings. They are available with black cords or with colorful leather cords. This link will show more of these triad pendants.

These designs are simple and eye catching. I really like making them. The three-ring combo glides freely on the outer large ring. The number three is also one of those mysterious and symbolic concepts which appear in many ancient civilizations. Perhaps we tap in to ancient wisdom when wearing this trio of rings pendant.