Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Celtic Inspired Green Double Strand Necklace with Crystals

Here's a nice necklace to celebrate St Patrick's Day! 

The dark green beads are arranged in two asymmetrical strands. Emerald color crystals, jasper stones as well as gold color diamond-shaped Celtic knot beads are mixed with the green necklace beads. For a closer look click here.

This necklace was inspired by the Celtic knot beads. I loved that they were diamond shaped and thus a nice interruption of green beads. The gemstones reminded me of the earthiness we associate with old world ancestors while the crystals added a sense of mystery and spirituality. And I just could not assemble these crystals, gemstones and Celtic knots in a perfectly orderly and symmetical way. They screamed out for and got an unconventional treatment.

I have several Celtic-inspired necklaces on display and for sale on ArtFire. For double-strand necklaces click here.  For unusual pendant trapezoid necklaces check this one out.