Friday, September 23, 2011

Warm Earth Tones in a Chainmail Celtic Star Pendant

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Some people think chainmail (or chain maille, or chain mail, etc.) jewelry must be heavy. But this warm color Celtic star pendant is made of lightweight anodized aluminum rings. Each of the rings was opened with two pair of pliars, placed in the pattern, and then carefully closed again.

The colors are perfect for fall. The pendant measures about 1.25 inches across (3 cm). I put the pendant on a cable necklace which uses a small magnetic clasp. This makes the necklace easy to get on or take off. The pendant is bright and shiny and can be easily removed from the cable choker for use with another necklace.

This is one of many chain mail pendants I have listed on ArtFire. They are available in many colors, including hot pink!