Monday, August 13, 2012

Gemstones -- what the ancients believed

Many of us drawn to the beauty found in natural items such as gemstones. Are you drawn to certain kinds of stones? to certain colors? Some ancient peoples believed that gemstones did have power. I've included a list of a few gemstones and details about them.

This gemstone is one of the oldest recorded in history, going back to Babylonian times. They were said to ward off storms, block negativity, awaken inherent talents and give strength to carry on. There are many kinds of agates and many colors. Agates foster love, abundance, wealth, good luck, longevity, acceptance, courage, protection, balance, harmony, generosity, strength, security and appreciation of nature. Agates are considered stones with protective and healing energy. In ancient Rome they were the symbol for the goddress of farming and crops.

This blue-green color stone is named after the Amazon River and is said to have power to unlock psychic ability and openness. It is a spiritual stone that aids balancing masculine and feminine energy and strengthening the spirit leading to positive patterns. This calming gemstone aids self expression and creativity by assisting you to develop more trust in your relationship with the truth.

This man-made gemstone has been around for hundreds of years when monks practicing alchemy at an Italian glass factory accidentally spilled molten copper into molten glass. The tiny resulting sparkling crystals embedded throughout the glass. Technically not a crystal, goldstone is associated with vitality. Some believe it can store the energy of loved ones who must be away. Healers use it for long-distnace healing, stabilizing emotions. Since the stone contains copper it is considered to be good for decreasing inflammation and increasing blood flow.

The earthy green kambaba jasper gemstones are said to bring balance and relaxation. Jasper is said to align the physical and emotional, the yin-yang. Some claim it brings good luck and aids in communicating. Jaspers are said to be healing stones. Mookaite, or Mook jasper, is considered a healing stone in Australia. Jasper stones are also said to bring peace and relaxation. Jasper is thought to be a stone of loyalty and inner strength. Once considered a warriors stone, it knows of loyalty, inner strength, and standing up for what you believe.

peace jade
This stone is not a jade, but a combination of serpentine, stichtite, and white quartz. As a combination stone it enhances the power each component. This is a stone of love and compassion and letting go. This stone is said to help quiet the inner critic and doubter and help to create inner peace.

snowflake obsidian
This unique stone is created from volcanic activity and is actually volcanic glass. The light spots in snowflake obsidian are areas of crystal formation. Ancient people chipped this stone to make incredibly shape blades for weapons and tools. This stone of purity is said to protect against depression and hostile influences and to balance mind, body and spirit. The black stone enhances your spiritual connection to your inner self. It is one of the earliest known stones to be used for scrying (seeing into the future). Healers may use this stone for detoxification. Native American shamans carried this stone to keep in touch with the Great Spirit.

This unique stone is said to bring inner peace by clearing mental confusion and aids endurance. Some claim it helps in losing a few pounds and giving confidence. Words often associated with this gemstone are communication, friendship, trust, balance and intuition. The stone helps connect with the spiritual and assists in letting go of negatives. As a metaphysical stone, sodalite promotes hidden creative abilities More to come . . .
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