Thursday, December 5, 2013

Observing the Extremes of Opposites

Noticing Those
Funny Extremes

It is my opinion that many things in day-to-day circumstances are like scenes from a comedy show!

Here I am, for instance, trying to promote my jewelry and art creations and being oh so diligent. But the things that seem to sell are the silly ones. Take this for instance:

This ornament is one people just love. You have to admit we all can relate to it, even if only a secret admission! This is a photo of a real hippo and he lives in Florida! I love to visit him and watch him enjoying the attention of his daily visitors. Sometimes he seems to be an entertainer and other times he is just like this image, collapsed! We're not that different from him!  But I work so hard to promote my "serious" jewelry! These sell, I think there is a joke here.

Cooking Is Fun
Well, Maybe Not

Cooking is not one of my favorite things. Probably because it takes a lot of practice to do well, plan ahead, and schedule the whole process. And then there is the mess to clean up! Bah Humbug!

There is a lot of joy in my belly when I wear this when cooking! It brings more pleasure to the chores than the act of eating. Well, almost as much. What is it about proclaiming our attitude to those watching and even to just ourself that makes us happy? This apron is a mental health adjustment tool and people who buy it understand.

Could It Be . . .

That items we create, sell, or purchase, are all made and bought for mental health reasons? Think about that. 

Look around. There is the huge woman at the gym with a water bottle that cost more than her whole outfit. But it affirms her place in the "fitness world" to herself. How many sports cars are owned by retirees? We all know a wealthy person wearing old ratty shoes because they cannot let themselves think they have some money. This is the stuff of comedy skits. It is part of being human. Things are not what they seem and may be the exact opposite!

Perhaps I am just silly and for that reason must make and sell serious jewelry

Many of my ornaments and jewelry designs are on display here where you can follow my Pinterest boards.