Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Spring Strikes Once Again

Are Humans Mostly Just Like Cars?

You know, they all are similar with a few different colors, horsepower options, and features. Are we all that different from each other? Or are we mostly similar? I've been thinking about this for a while, especially as I watched all the non-news regarding the missing airplane. We all are curious, worried, sad, and more. Nationality has nothing to do with it. Nor does language or color. A Chinese mother's sobs are not foreign to us, nor are tears and anger. I think we are just like cars, so similar!

Our ancient ancestors worshipped the sun and moon. They knew about seasons and plants and the time to grow. This information was crucial to survival for them. Today we eat food brought in from all over the world, but deep in our bones are the old memories of planting and seasons and sunshine. We no longer worship the change of seasons, or do we?

Today I walked through a garden shop filled with thousands of plants and flowers. The sun was overhead, filtered with just a screen. Plant pots for sale, and those occupied, were filled with water from yesterday's rain. That damp earth smell was everywhere. A riot of colorful patches filled the neat rows of flowers. It was easy to be one with those ancient humans who plotted the seasons and time to start their crops.

For me, it will be orange marigolds and red salvia that remind of ancient connections, gardens past, and happy memories. And if neighboring hummingbirds stop by, that will be fantastic.

Spring rituals are pulling me to a chorus of species' memories this season. Worries have shifted from an unfinished airplane story to concern about potting soil quantities. The flower pots have been patient until now.

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