Friday, February 8, 2013

Created Yesterday

How Cool Is This!

When you create jewelry there are a lot of bits and pieces that get put away and forgotten when a current project gets all the focus.

I ordered some new beads and was looking for elements that were already here and which would work well with the color of the new beads.

Voila! This pendant surfaced. The pendant is turquoise jasper and the photo shows how it seems to have daubs of light and dark greens and blue and near white colors. It was purchased for the pleasant appearance but never really got any attention, until now.

My new beads seem to have the same colors! Blues, greens, areas near white. I thought this was an amazing combination and created this necklace yesterday. The beads are czech faceted rondelles and I used beads caps to separate them from sets of 3 seed beads. The seed beads are light and dark green. This is a stunning piece and the mix of blue and green is soothing and yet spectacular.

To see more photos and information about this necklace and pendant, please click here.