Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Just made today

Hot off the Workbench

Did you ever wonder about how something like this comes to be? Sit back and listen to the story of this necklace.

The beautiful swirling pink and purple pendant, made of dichroic glass has lived here for a while and never quite found compatible beads to be part of a creation. So it waited.

Recently some gorgeous beads appeared on the horizon and they were available in many wonderful colors. I got some blues, some greens, and some great earthy colors. But pink is not one of my favorite colors at all. I suppose it is a credit to the beads that I even looked at the pink ones! They are not solid color, but swirl with various pink shades, some light, some dark and some nearly transparent. Each is unique.

I do know someone who loves everything pink and so I thought of her when making this necklace. I now had the pendant and the larger pink beads, but what else would work? if you don't know anyone who works with beads, here's a little secret -- they are hoarders and collectors. So eventually many, many candidate beads were pulled out, lined up, threaded on a wire and examined for compatibility. They all failed the test. Some nice colored beads looked good -- they were on sale when purchased -- but they were erratic sizes and crazy damaged shapes. No. No. No.

Then the lowly translucent amethyst beads stepped up, somewhat shy, and they were so perfect to showcase those pink beads. To see more pictures and for purchase information click here.