Tuesday, November 12, 2013

My New Shop Is: 


There is a lot new! In fact I recently removed thousands of hours of work represented in over 300 items listed on Etsy. Why? Like most things, there is no simple reason. Many factors were involved. But Zibbet is a somewhat newer company and I just like the vibe there. How's that for scientific?!!

I have a few new items and most of the old ones now listed on Zibbet, thanks to many marathons of brainless editing, copying, pasting, and rewording. Now I can finally get back to more creative things.  Here are a couple of new designs:

These pendants vary in color only. They are all the same size in the real world, about inch in inside diameter for the large rings. They are available with black cords or with colorful leather cords. This link will show more of these triad pendants.

These designs are simple and eye catching. I really like making them. The three-ring combo glides freely on the outer large ring. The number three is also one of those mysterious and symbolic concepts which appear in many ancient civilizations. Perhaps we tap in to ancient wisdom when wearing this trio of rings pendant.