Saturday, November 23, 2013

What Is It that Drives Us?

What Is It that Drives Us?

I've been pondering what might be the hidden force that makes us do what we do. I'm not thinking of the ordinary daily chores, but the incredible, sustained effort some of us unearth to undertake massive tasks. And not necessarily lucrative tasks, at that.
 Upgrade to Cord Necklaces in My Shop

I started thinking about this because many of my friends in the world of online selling are experiencing the busiest time of year. Most create what they sell and others sell what those creating may need. They are all trying to stock their online storefronts, an annual cycle known to all entrepreneurs.

But this season is different. You might say our online landlord has caused some of us look for greener pastures. This means my driven friends, and count me too,  are now undertaking hundreds of hours of extra work to "move" all their many items. I know moving a brick and mortar shop could not be so demanding. Every title and description and item tags which you may not even notice must be edited, one by one, item by item.

What drives us to accomplish these things? Perhaps it is a search for perfection, a dream of sales, a chance to excel. I've been thinking about all these things because today I finally completed moving my online shop and all 282 different items! To celebrate the sale scheduled for Thursday to Dec. 2 is starting today in my shop right now. Ahem, see the discounts.

Many items I sell are pendants which come with cord necklaces. You can now upgrade the basic cords to gorgeous round leather cords in your choice of four colors and with a sterling silver clasp. Make your choice a customized one!!