Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Necklace for a Bold Woman

What Came First?
The Woman or the Necklace . . . 

Does wearing a bold necklace make a person bolder? Or does a bold person pick an unforgettable necklace?

This is something I think about because most of the neck jewelry I make is not very subtle. This conundrum is not like the chicken and egg one. We know the human was first!

Let me give you an example. I was reading about some old Celtic myths and found reference to women priestesses who were guardians of the tree of life. This tree is common in myths of many cultures and is considered the source of all life. According to what I read, in an ancient time there was a class of people who were the spiritual leaders, scholars, healers, etc. and they could be male or female. (How'd we lose that?) Some of these female priestesses were guardians of the "tree of life." 

I imagined these superior beings and what jewelry they might wear. 

Precious, earthy, bold, rustic, contrasty, elegant, and lush are some of the ideas that ran in my brain. 

This is an emerald green and gold double-strand necklace. The unusual focal pendant is fancy jasper. There are also segments of fancy jasper chips to add a rustic and earthy tinge to the necklace. These gals must have loved earthy green gemstones!

Several gold-plated diamond-shaped beads with Celtic symbols twinkle amid the lush green strands. Somewhat hidden, emerald green bicone crystals add some sparkle. Square kambaba jasper gemstones and small round moss agate gemstone beads, in various shades of green, and at regular intervals,  add order and symmetry in contrast to the rugged and various-shaped chips. All these shades of green combine for a vibrant effect. A gold-plated toggle clasp seems to add an ancient feel to this piece. 

Spiritual sage, healer, guardian, scholar . . . I believe she would have loved this!

People today love it! This item is one-of-a-kind and has the most "views" of any of my items. The question remains: does a bold woman choose this necklace or does the necklace create a bold woman?