Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Group2020 Shop of the Week

Creations with Incredible Details

Every "Shop of the Week" seems to have some amazing aspect to their creations. This week is no exception. LanmomOriginals.com creates all-natural handcrafted soaps and incredible jewelry.

Today my focus is on the jewelry at LanmomOriginals.com, made using a technique called bead crochet which dates back more than 135 years! Incredible focus is needed to first. plan each design, then to figure out the pattern in bead sequence, to string the beads, and to finish the piece.

BUT, these beads are quite tiny and creations using this technique use hundreds and thousands of such beads in intricate patterns. Take a look at these two items and just think about the skill required to handle the beads, let alone design the patterns.

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These earrings measure just 2.25 inches from the top of the earwire to the bottom of the beaded area, and yet  hundreds of beads were used as this closeup shows. The beads are light and dark teal and copper color to suggest the Caribbean Sea on a warm day.

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Now that you know hundreds of beads are used for small earrings, just imagine how many are in this 7.5 inch bracelet! And if handling all those wee beads is astonishing, don't forget that the pattern must be followed exactly as the work is made. Wow! We should all be in awe of the work done in this shop. Seeing these patriotic colors is great, too!