Tuesday, February 11, 2014

My Chainmaille Now on Etsy

Selling Handmade Items Online
Some Thoughts and Migrations

I've been selling online for a long time, starting with Ebay back about 1999 and followed by a parade of other places. This week I decided to focus selling my jewelry in a new way. Rather than running several shops on various venues, I am focusing on migrating my items to two shops on Etsy: one for chainmaille and the other for all other jewelry made with crystals, beads, glass, metals, mood beads, etc. 

This will make each shop easier to navigate and categorize. At the moment many of my chainmaille items can be found at http://Lehane.etsy.com more items will be migrating in the next days.  Here are two items from the chainmaille shop.


The other jewelry shop will debut shortly and there will be a blog post about it at that time.

Why does it matter where you sell online? 

As sales increase a few things take on more significance. For instance, can sales tax be automatically added to the appropriate sales, can the shipping label have the address info automatically filled in, do buyers trust and recognize the selling venue, is there an easy way to list variations on items, is there a shipping discount, and can a customer select an option or ask a question as they purchase. These minor things are not obvious problems until sales volume increases. 

So I choose to make a great effort to consolidate my shops in order to access these benefits. Check out the chainmaille shop, if you use the coupon code blogFEB2014 -- good through February -- shipping will be free on any purchases.