Thursday, November 6, 2014

A Little Secret Place

Who Doesn't . . .

Love a Deal??

I'm a sucker for deals and often end up trying to calculate if 20% off is better than buy-one-get-one at 30% off. (First deal is better.) Before figuring out the best price, there is a need to actually FIND the deals to compare.

I can steer you to some great online deals, but they are only guaranteed for one week. Members of Group2020, a small group of online shopkeepers, post weekly deals on Pinterest. The best news is that you can follow this Pinterest board to see the current deals.

Deals may include a bonus item, free postage, discounts, or whatever the individual shopkeeper is offering.

Need More Help?

Suffering from a lack of enthusiasm when looking for that special gift or present? See thousands of items from the Group2020 shopkeepers in this showcase.