Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Pinterest as It Should Be

I love Pinterest and have dozens of boards showcasing handmade items for sale, interesting images, sayings, places, etc. These are things I am interested in and they are just like the many Pinterest boards other have created for their own unique interests.

My focus is mostly on getting my ideas and products to an audience and promoting the same for Group2020, my team. We tweet, Facebook, blog, G+ and love Pinterest to showcase our work.

But lately I've needed another way to streamline the paper notes, urls, scribbled designs, and other scattered information on my desk. I created a Pinterest board, just for me. It is hidden from the public and has images of things I want to remember: color schemes, designs, product photo ideas, things to try, etc. This is a wonderful "file" of things of interest just to me.

Perhaps this is how Pinterest was envisioned by its creators! Keeping the board hidden is also a good way to start a gift idea board.

See, and follow, our showcase board.

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