Sunday, January 13, 2013

A Tip for the Practical Gal

Spending wisely and also being stylish can both be accomplished, especially with handcrafted items.

Some of my friends like to wear a bit of green for St. Patrick's Day. They wonder how to to that, not spend a lot of money, and also look great.

These handcrafted earrings are one example of how to do that. Of course the color is right, but there are certain beads here that are very special. The top and third beads are about 60 years old! They reflect many colors, including pale purple, sapphire, amethyst, green, fuchia, and more. They are no long made!

These "vintage" beads have not been used and were made by Swarovski, also the maker of the emerald crystals in the earrings.

Be festive, be happy, and know that you can purchase something for St Patrick's Day that will work with many outfits throughout the year.

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