Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Thoughts On . . . I Love Red

Where did this attraction start?  
Perhaps it was seeing the very special birthstone bracelet and ring with the tiny red stones that got me started. It was only years later that I realized my birthday was supposed to be July but ended up in August. No worry, I claim red as my favorite color anyway.

Or was it on the way to elementary school?
Across the street from the school was a fire station with the most shiny red trucks I had ever seen.  I loved those gorgeous trucks and decided there was nothing better than being a fireman, riding the red truck and also rescuing people. 

The red crayon always was the shortest . . .
Why did the red crayon always get so short so fast? It was baffling. 

Marching in red
The little town where I grew up had a band and a baton-twirling squad. With feet too small for my boots, I marched in parades showing off my red outfit with lots of jiggling fringe and a fantastic cowboy hat. My whole childhood in one pair of marching boots way-too-big to way-too small.

My wonderful car is not a fire engine
But is is red and I am so happy riding in it. 

So many reasons I love red. I created this necklace of tiny red beads with an abstract dichroic glass pendant. For more details, click here.