Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Wearin' of the Green!

You have to admit that many gals love to wear something green for St. Patrick's Day. When I was growing up some girls in South Boston would color their hair green for the holiday! A bright green, stupid-looking hat was my begrudged choice. 

But somewhere between those extremes, where good taste remains, there are better choices. I created these earrings for the sensible place where a touch of color is just perfect. The ear wires and Celtic knot beads are silver plated and the emerald crystals are from Swarovski. You can get more details here.

My Irish immigrant grandfather always talked about identifying those who dared not wear green and making them learn a lesson by painting a certain part of their anatomy green.

Not sure if they really did that or not, but I always wore a green hat just in case he was serious.